Closure of our PC auto repair service

For many years we produced and sold the PC Magic PC repair CD
We were the top software seller on both eBay and Amazon
Our product contained no Microsoft software, yet we were persistently bullied and harassed by Microsoft

This resulted in many lengthy suspensions from selling our product on line
Due to the persistent and totally unjustified actions against us from Microsoft and it's agents we have decided to close our computer speed up disc service
Microsoft have apologised to us in writing as example below on more than one occasion
Yet they continued to have our items removed from eBay and Amazon websites
Despite the wrong doings of Microsoft and the loss to us of many thousands of pounds income, Microsoft offered no recompense
Thank you to all our customers who have remained loyal throughout the years
This is just one example how the corporate giants deal with people, acting without authority as the internet police
Subject: RE: Ebay

Hello Les,

Thank you for submitting the images of the software you were attempting to distribute. 

Our product analysis team has determined the software shown in these images to be genuine. 

I have contacted our investigative team to ask that they contact eBay to request the reinstatement of your auctions. 

We ask that you do not relist the auctions until you have received notice to do so.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while this matter was reviewed.


MS NetSafe Team

YET - Despite the apologies, Microsoft continued to act in a vindictive manner, hence our closure